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Unlock the
Power of Chiplets

With Chipletz's Smart Substrate™, you can seamlessly integrate any chip from anywhere.

From compute & IO to security & HBM, the substrate becomes your system.  

AI Compute. Reimagined.

Our Smart Substrate™ uses cutting-edge chiplet integration technology that eliminates an interposer to overhaul AI & HPC systems from the ground-up. 

The Substrate is your System


Scaling Performance
beyond Moore's Law

In a world where the gains from transistor scaling are increasingly marginal,
our pioneering approach using advanced packaging meaningfully scales system performance 
to address the most demanding computing applications of the future.

Superior interconnects

Faster external IO

Cleaner power


Increased die-to-die bandwidth with
denser, faster on-package interconnects

Faster high-speed IO to external
compute modules & peripherals

Improved power integrity and
total system power

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