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Our Story

Chipletz, incorporated in 2021, offers Smart Substrate™ products, an advanced packaging technology that addresses the increasing demand for compute performance as Moore's Law slows down. Targeting AI workloads, immersive applications, and high-performance computing systems, Chipletz aims to deliver its initial products to customers and partners in 2024.

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Bryan Black


Bryan, also the Chairman of Chipletz Board of Directors, drives Chipletz's vision, strategy, and execution. Formerly a Senior Fellow at AMD, Bryan led the technology developments that created multi-chip module & stacked-die products, including the first implementation of high-bandwidth memory (HBM) in the "Fiji" GPU, which now forms the foundation for many system-in-package modules for AI and HPC.

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Jay Owen


Jay leads business operations, market positioning, and relationship management for Chipletz. He brings extensive experience taking advanced technology solutions to market. Most recently, he was the business lead for securing AMD-based exascale computing at Oak Ridge & Lawrence Livermore national laboratories.  

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Michael Su


As the CTO of Chipletz, Michael is responsible for overseeing R&D, technical direction, and product development. With deep expertise in areas such as semiconductor interconnects, advanced packaging, silicon to package integration, advanced passive devices, state-of-the-art manufacturing, and reliability, he has built a strong reputation for innovation and collaboration with partners across the industry. Prior to co-founding Chipletz, Michael spent two decades at AMD, where he was responsible for developing almost all of AMD's packaging solutions.

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Our Leadership

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Jeff Cain

Vice President of Engineering

Jeff leads the design engineering team at Chipletz, focusing on signal and power integrity across the substrate and package. Jeff previously ran a corporate R&D team for AVX, developing a variety of passive component innovations.  Before AVX, he led a system engineering team at Cisco working on switching and routing hardware platforms.

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Michael Alfano

Vice President of Product Engineering 

Mike leads product engineering at Chipletz, focusing on manufacturability & high-volume production. His leadership responsibilities span productizing engineering prototypes, high-volume test, yield, production readiness, and cost containment. Formerly a Fellow at AMD, Mike was responsible for end-to-end product manufacturing feasibility and execution for AMD's industry leading 2.5D graphics & chiplet-based server products.

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MeeLan Lee

Secretary of the Board

MeeLan is the secretary of the Board of Directors at Chipletz. MeeLan joined from Google, where she grew the analog & silicon product engineering teams, including a hardware team at Google ATAP. Prior to Google, she worked at Atheros, where she led development of six generations of CMOS radios for Wi-Fi & Bluetooth. MeeLan's ten years at  Atheros saw the startup grow to over $1B in yearly revenue and an acquisition by Qualcomm. 

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